Best resolution’s on New year 2020

best new year 2020 resolution

Did you know that on average, 8% of people actually keep their New Year’s Resolution? Another year has come to an end, and another has just begun. So now that the New Year is here, Happy New Year what are your Resolutions. Making New Year’s resolution is a time-honored tradition all around the world. According to research, only 60 % of us admit that we make New Year’s Resolution but only 8% of us are successful in achieving them. So, what are we all wishing for in 2020? Here are the top 5 New Year Resolutions according to a survey of people:

best new year 2020 resolution

1.     Diet or Eat Healthier
2.     Lose Weight
3.     Quit Smoking
4.     Learn a New Skill
5.     Save More and spend less

1.     Diet or Eat Healthier

If eating healthier is one of your top new year priorities that’s great. But “I am going to eat healthier this year” is one of those well-intentioned, but too-hard-to-define goals that aren’t nearly as easy done as said. Want to get fit? Start with a weekly fitness plan to put you on the right track and give you specific workouts to crush at the gym. Here’s a closer look at what the experts had to say about each of the five most popular diet resolutions.

1.     Put some more protein into your diet
2.     Keep an eye on your saturated fat intake
3.     Start the day right with a healthy breakfast
4.     Get Creative in the Kitchen
5.     Try out Meatless Mondays

Best new year 2020 resolution

2.     Lose Weight

According to a study, approximately 2.1 billion people are overweight in the world. Its all a mind game. Losing weight require a change in thought and behavior, so make a resolution for your emotions and weight. Write down your goals and remind yourself of them because if you do so, half the job is done. This will encourage you. Make sure to track your progress to stay on track. Be realistic with your goal and the time frame in which you want to accomplish it.

3.   Quit Smoking

A study from the United Kingdom’s Royal Society of Public Health found that “quitting smoking is the most difficult resolution to keep”. Only 4 percent of those who attempt to quit smoking unaided remain smoke-free one year later. Despite the difficulty, deciding to stop smoking is one of the most common, potentially beneficial and consistently challenging resolutions.  Resolution flop for many reasons. They often fail because they are not “focused, specific or organized.” They need to be achievable and measurable on a day to day basis.

4.     Learn a New Skill

Just think about the most successful people in the world. Those who consistently succeed are those who are best at learning new skills. I challenge myself to learn a new skill every year. This resolution is literally just about learning. Learn anything new every Year to become a successful person in your industry.

Happy new year 2020 resolution quotes

5.     Save More Spend Less

Looking to focus on your financial future this year? If so, you are not alone. Financial resolutions are the amount the most common, with people resolving to get out of debt, save more money, and clean up their spending. But “Spend Less” and “Save More” may not cut it. Most people don’t keep their New Year’s Resolutions, not celebrate new years best time with their love once, not from lack of willpower, but because they don’t have concrete ideas about how to keep them.

Saving is difficult, but if you decide to save a certain portion of your paycheck, it can be easier if you arrange for the automatic deposit of that portion into a savings account. Eventually, you will get used to your adjusted paycheck and will not even think about the amount that’s gone into your savings.


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